Green economy  |  Successes  |  23.05.2012

A Green economy for the future of Europe

The European Greens are promoting a short video explaining why we need to take the opportunity of the current crisis to foster a Green economy for the future of Europe.

In this short video, the European Green Party is arguing that there are sustainable solutions to the current crises and is advocating for a long-term re-thinking of our economic development. The Eurozone crisis might be a window of opportunity for promoting a shift towards a green economy. Therefore, the European Greens argue that money given to the European banking sector should be instead invested in Green technologies and real economy, so that it could produce better living conditions for everyone.

This video touches very much upon core prescriptions of the Green New Deal: a social Europe that would reduce inequalities and improve the quality of life, investment in education to enable youth to be prepared and optimistic for the future, Green jobs that would work with, and not destroy the environment. 

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