Green economy  |  Publications  |  25.08.2011

The macro-economic and financial framework of the Green New Deal

This policy paper of the Greens/EFA Group and the European Green Party outlines the Green New Deal framework for a sustainable economy.

The paper sets out to define the macro-economic and financial implications of the transformation of the current resource-intensive economic system to a  system that takes into account that we can have a healthy economy only as long as the earth is healthy. A green economic vision places social and environmental justice and equity within nations and between nations at the centre. This includes a juste use of the earth’s resources and reversing the trend of the widening gap between rich and poor.

Within the proposed framework, the European Greens seek to reduce inequalities in the  distribution of power and access to resources. Every person has the right to meet their basic needs: clean air, water, food, shelter, energy, health, freedom, education. Every human being has the right to solidarity, democracy, self determination, autonomy, responsibility, dignity and self-fulfillment. The economy should enhance wellbeing rather than detract from it. The Green New Deal is the endeavour that will bring about this transformation.

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