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The Great Transition: A tale of how it turned out right

Creating a new kind of economy is crucial if we want to tackle climate change and avoid the mounting social problems associated with the rise of economic inequality. This publication from the New Economics Foundation provides a comprehensive blueprint for building an economy based on stability, sustainability and equality.

Humanity appears caught in a trap with no way out. ‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option. However, halting and reversing our consumption of more and more ‘stuff’ appears likely to trigger a massive depression with serious unemployment and poverty. This is certainly true if all we do is ‘apply the brakes’ without fundamentally redesigning the whole economic system. We are facing a series of interlinked systemic problems – consuming beyond our planetary limits; untenable inequality; growing economic instability and a breakdown in the relationship between ‘more’ and ‘better’. The only way to overcome these systemic problems is through a set of solutions which themselves address the whole.

The Great Transition report sets out why the transition to a new economy is not only necessary, but also possible and desirable. It means re-thinking how we bank, generate energy, travel, and grow the food we depend on. It is a massive task that needs lots of organisations and people working together.

The report sets out a range of practical measures on housing, business, taxation, property and energy policy to make the Great Transition we urgently need.

Edited extract from the foreword.

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