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Enough is Enough: Ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources

A report generated from the ideas and featuring papers given at the Steady State Economy Conference, Leeds 2010. It is a collection of policy initiatives, tools, and reforms for an economy that makes enough its goal instead of more.

Despite economic growth not being possible on a finite planet, there is little discussion of an alternative economic system that can meet our needs without growth. The Steady State Economy Conference was aimed at promoting such discussion. In particular it aimed to identify practical policy proposals to bring about change towards a steady state economy in the UK.

The publication is divided into three areas:

  • Part One describes why economic growth is becoming an obsolete goal and provides a crystal-clear description of the desirable alternative — a steady state economy;
  • Part Two examines ten key areas where change is needed to achieve a steady state economy;
  • Part Three provides a blueprint for moving boldly from ideas to action.

Edited extract from the executive summary.

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