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A Green New Deal for Europe: Manifesto for the European election campaign 2009

This manifesto for a Green New Deal by the European Green Party sets out a new direction for Europe.

As economic, social and environmental crises converge, it is time to shift our course from destructive short-term profiteering towards sustainable, long-term prosperity. The crisis must be tackled together as part of a comprehensive package, a Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is the only way of really delivering the changes to the way we live and work that will result in the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions which science shows will be necessary if we are to avoid the most disastrous impacts of climate change.

However, the benefits the Green New Deal will bring are not restricted to the arena of climate protection or the environment. The manifesto deals with the fields of social and labour rights, equality, mobility, agriculture, democracy, financial regulation, migration and asylum, and European foreign policy. The Green New Deal sets the right course for the long-term, sustainable future of Europe and beyond

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