Green economy  |  Publications  |  06.07.2011

A global Green New Deal

In this publication, the United Nations Environment Programme sets out its own vision for a Green New Deal. 

The report sets out the reasons why we need a Green New Deal, and calls for a third of the around $2.5 trillion-worth of planned stimulus packages to be invested on 'greening' the world economy. The estimated $750 billion of green investment, equal to about one per cent of current global GDP, could trigger significant, multiple and potentially transformational returns.

It goes on to cover how a Green New Deal could stimulate clean tech innovation, stabilising and boosting employment in decent jobs and protecting vulnerable groups; how it could cut carbon dependency and greenhouse gas emissions, reducing degradation of multi-trillion dollar ecosystems and their goods and services and tackling water scarcity; and how a Green New Deal could further the opportunity to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of ending extreme poverty by 2015.

The publication further discusses in detail the role of the international community in promoting a Green New Deal, including in global governance, finance and trade.

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