Green economy  |  Events  |  06.06.2012

Reindustrialising Europe in a circular economy

The "Green New Deal Working group" of the Greens/EFA will host a think tank meeting in partnership with the European Partners for the Environment (EPE), at the occasion of its General Assembly 2012. It will address the need of reindustrialising Europe in a circular economy.

Date: 6th of June 2012, 9:30-11:00
Venue: Room ASP1G3, European Parliament
Language: English 

In several EU Member States ‘reindustrialisation’ is on the agenda. There is an extraordinary potential for new business, new jobs, better quality of life , better implementation of European environmental legislation and increase of European competitiveness on the global ‘green and blue’ economy markets.  Reindustrializing Europe in a  Circular Economy should be part of Europe’s Resilience Strategy.  

It requires a new approach of land use, smart metering and monitoring systems. It will require to identify resource flows, bottlenecks, upscale best practices, improve the use of secondary materials and urban mining, new ways to protect natural resources and guarantees to preserve natural and cultural heritage. It raises the need for all to think out of ‘silos’, and innovate from design systemic changes to products. These questions will be addressed during this think tank meeting.

Draft programme:

Co-Chairs:  Philippe Lamberts, MEP (confirmed) and Tom Vereijken, EPE President (confirmed).  

On the agenda of the think tank meeting:  

1. Conclusions of the ‘Reindustrialising Europe – The Green Way’ conference of May 16th hosted by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. 

Introduction by Reinhard Bütikofer ( MEP – Greens – Germany) (confirmed) 

2. Re-industrializing Europe in a circular economy , what would it mean ? 

Introduction by René Kleijn, Industrial Ecology, University of Leiden (NL) 


3. Re-industrializing Europe in a circular economy would need to be supported by a strong coalition of interested parties. In the USA the Blue Green Alliance brings together America’s largest labor unions and environmental organizations to create good jobs in  a cleaner, more efficient, more competitive 21st century economy. The Blue Green Alliance supports i.a. the Apollo project, involving Business and local communities. At EU level, how to bring together MEP’s-Regions-Sustainable Process Industry-Financiers-Trade Unions-Environmental NGO’s? 

Introduction by Lionel Platteuw,  EUnited. Sustainable Process Industry -SPIRE (B) (confirmed) 

4. What role could be played by different stakeholders and organisations, such as for example the Resource Efficiency Alliance?  

Views of  invitees (updated agenda to be provided later). 

DEBATE  with participants.