Green economy  |  Events  |  20.04.2012

Mc Planet Congress – too big to fail

This international congress is meant to be at the meeting point between the globalization critique, environmental and global justice movements. It is a common project of many different organisations including the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Greenpeace, Terre des Hommes, Attack and others. 

Date: 20th – 22th April 2012
Venue: TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135

The phrase ‘too big to fail’ has recently been an often heard argument for bailing out banks and other big companies, but the very same argument should also count for our planet, the environment and human beings in general. There is a need for change, for discussion, for thinking differently.  

To this aim, the McPlanet Congress wants to offer a platform for discussions, to connect and network like minded people and to offer information on the important issues of our time. The congress offers all these opportunities via 12 forums, 8 panels and 64 workshops.  

Guests include:

  • Sanita Narain (Society for Environmental Communications, India),
  • Harald Schumann (Journalist and Author),
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer (Sociologist and researcher on the impact of climate),
  • Achim Steiner (Environmental program of the UN),
  • Kumi Nadoo (director of Greenpeace International)

and others.

The program covers a broad variety of important topics such as Green Economy, sustainability, democracy, Rio +20, climate, consuming differently, boundaries of growth and energy. 

More information on the congress can be found here. The online registration form is here