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How to restructure the EU banking sector?

Should we split our banking activities? Separate retail from investment banks, too often indulging in the « casino economy »? These are the questions that will be raised at a conference organised by Green/EFA MEP Philippe Lamberts.

Date: 25th May 2012, 9:30AM - 12:00
Venue: European Parliament, Brussels, Room PHS 1A002
Language: English, with simultaneous interpretation in French and German

At the core of the current crisis is a lack of regulation of the banking sector. One proposal that the GND is pushing forward is to separate retail from investment banks. This debate is already well underway in the US, where the famous « Volcker rule » – that bans proprietary trading by banks backed by taxpayers – is currently being implemented. Similarly, in the UK, the Vickers report (Independent Commission on Banking) introduces the idea of « ringfencing », forcing the banks to completely isolate the activities vital to the economy and benefiting from public guarantees from the ones that don’t.

The conference will showcase the following keynote speakers:
- Paul VOLCKER, Advisor to President Barack Obama and former Director of the US Federal Reserve
 - Sir John VICKERS, Economist (Oxford University) and Chair of the UK Independent Commission on Banking
 - Michel BARNIER, Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
Representatives of the banking sector, regulators, academics and members of civil society have also been invited to join the debate.

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