Green economy  |  Events  |  08.12.2012

Education for sustainable development

Etopia, the French-speaking Belgian Green Foundation will organise discussions on education for sustainable development with teachers, parents, unions and associations among others in order to open the fundamental debate over the future of education.

Date: Saturday, 8th December 
VenueInstitute Helmo Ste Marie, Rue de Liège Harlez 35
Language: French

What are children studying in school? How many times have parents and teachers already heard this question? The answers are probably multiple and contradictory depending on who is giving them.

Changes are needed in various dimensions of our life to accommodate more sustainable lifestyles. Shouldn’t it be the schools the first to insert this needed new vision into society? Schools have a significant role to play in our society. Schools need to be connected with the current debates and changes and they should teach children what it will be essential to know in the future.   

How can we teach sustainable development? How can we make this concept meaningful for teachers and pupils? Which is the situation of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels in respect of sustainable development? How can we manage to set up sustainable development practices in every school and at every level of education?

These and other questions will be discussed in theses debates organised by Etopia with teachers, parents, unions, school authorities, organising authorities and associations related to these questions.