Green economy  |  Events  |  18.06.2013

Ecological Economics and the EU-policy making: which interactions?

From 18 to 21 June, the European Society for Ecological Economics will hold its 10th biennal conference in Lille, focusing on institutional dynamics. As part of this academic event, Green MEP PHilippe Lamberts hosts a policy-science event in Brussels on the 18th of June on the points of convergence between ecological economics and EU policy making.

DATE: Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 09.15 - 14:15
VENUE: Room PHS07C50, European Parliament, Brussels

For years, the field of Ecological Economics has been developing research and analysis on strong sustainability, questioning mainstream economic approaches to the relationship between economics and environment. By integrating justice and time issues in its analysis, Ecological Economics is leading critical forward thinking and paving the way for an alternative development model.

But if the academics are moving, what about politics? This conference will bring together leading academics and policy makers to explore how and to what degree the core messages and methodological stances of Ecological Economics find an echo in policy agendas, discourses and instruments at EU-level.