Green economy  |  Events  |  14.11.2013

A Post-Growth Society for the 21st Century

How can economic growth be explained, and what future for growth in Europe? What’s the state of natural resources, limiting our ability to grow? Economic growth is usually considered the default mechanism for ensuring prosperity.  In a world of declining growth rates and ecological boundaries, this Greens/EFA conference offers the opportunity to think “out of the box” and discuss policies for prosperity in a modern post-growth society. 

DATE: Thursday 14 November 2013, 9.30-13.00
VENUE: European Parliament, Brussels, Room ASP 1G3

What could be key factors and dynamics for decoupling economic growth from our ecological footprint in the case of energy and climate change? Given the radical uncertainty about the future of economic growth, how to pursue well-being, design employment policies, pension and health systems and fight inequalities without relying on growth?

To answer all these questions, the Greens/EFA Group decided to commission a study to the research institutes IDDRI (Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations) and CIRED (Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement). The aim was to deepen and nuance the reflection around the future of economic growth and the state of resources, but also to discuss the conditions required to free socio-economic policy making from GDP growth.


  • Anne Sinnemäki, Member of the Finnish Parliament
  • Ralph Bürk,  Economist and president of Führungsakademie (Germany)
  • Florent Marcellesi, research and green activist (Spain)
  • Yves Cochet, Greens/EFA member of the European Parliament (France)
  • Philippe Lamberts, Greens/EFA member of the European Parliament (Belgium)