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How to govern the ecological transformation of our society?

This seminar, organised by the French-speaking Belgian Green Party Ecolo and its foundation Etopia, considers the new challenges of the twenty first century when attempting to identify the type of model of political representation needed to address current challenges.  

EVENT: Seminar

TIME: 8 February 2012, 13.00 – 15.00 

PLACE: European Parliament, Room 1G3


The seminar starts from the premises that the democratic structures of the eighteenth century are no longer adapted to solve the problems of the twenty first century. The election cycles constrain officials to focus on short-term goals in order to merely satisfy voters on the short term. As a result, politicians tend to disregard longer term visions and strategies. However, it is exactly this type of perspectives that are necessary today in order to overcome the current economic, financial, social and environmental crises. There is a need for a new way of politics with long-term visions, new priorities and more debates  with - and participation of - the larger public if we are to manage the transition to a more sustainable world. 


  • Pierre Calame, founder of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress and author of “Démocratie en Miettes” (2003) et “Essai sur l’Oeconomie” (2009)
  • Philippe Van Parijs, professor at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Studies at the Catholic University of Louvain

The discussion will be moderated by Philippe Lamberts, Greens/EFA MEP

To participate in this conference, please send your registration philippe.lambertseuroparl.europaeu before January 30 with the following information: name, date of birth, nationality, place of residence, type and number of identity document (these data are required to enter the European Parliament).

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