Green economy  |  Events  |  26.01.2012

The financial crisis: Decryption and remedies

The Luxembourg Green foundation Gréng Stëftung organises a conference with support of Greens/ EFA MEP Claude Turmes focusing on the European responses to the banking and sovereign debt crises. 

EVENT: Conference

DATE: 2 February 2012, from 20.00

PLACE: Carré Rotondes - Exit 07, 1 rue de l’Aciérie, L-1112 Luxembourg-Hollerich

After four years of financial crisis, it is still not clear how the economy can be revived, the financial sector regulated and social inequalities reduced. Christian Chavagneux, the associate editor of the journal Alternatives Economiques and author of Une brève histoire des crises financiers (“A short history of financial crises”), will look into EU policies meant at tackling the baking crisis and the sovereign debt crisis in several euro-zone countries with the aim of questioning the type of new  model of economic development that Europe needs in order to overcome the current challenges. 

creative commons Olivier H