Green economy  |  Events  |  24.09.2011

Green economy in a time of austerity

The case for investing in a Green economy is unassailable; we know it is the only way to both create jobs and protect the environment. However, the radical transformation that our economy requires will not come for free, however good the returns on this investment will be. Given the tight budgets that many states face, how can this essential investment be realised?

 EVENT: Conference

DATE: 24 September 2011

PLACE: Heinrich Böll stiftung offices, Berlin


This is the dilema that the Heinrich Böll stiftung will address, in cooperation with UnternehemensGrün Association. Issues such as the role for private investment, the obligation on banks and the role of regulation will be addressed. Speakers will come from a diverse range of backgrounds, such as industry, finance and politics. The results of the meeting will be documented in a conference brochure.