Green economy  |  Events  |  27.01.2012

Euro-crisis and green responses to it

The Green European Foundation is organising a two day seminar aimed at “untangling” the jargon around the Euro-crisis, analysing the factors that have led to the current situation and the different manifestations of the crisis in Europe (inside the Euro-zone and beyond) and at discussing the various Green proposals put forward as ways out of the crisis.

EVENT: Seminar

DATE: 27 - 28 January 2012

PLACE: Brussels, Belgium

The financial and economic crisis is without a doubt the main political subject currently discussed at all levels of decision making. The Greens at the European level have been very vocal in expressing their analyses of the current crisis and are proposing the Green New Deal as a way out of the crisis. The discussions around the crisis remain however highly specialized, even for those dealing with politics on an everyday basis.

After the training, the participants should be familiarised with the current state of affairs of the European sovereign debt crisis, as well as the Green proposals to tackle it. In this sense, the two working days will be divided as follows: on the first day, we will focus on the diagnosis of the current situation, particularly the structural causes behind the crisis and its manifestations, while on the second day we’ll detail the Green proposals to tackle the crisis.