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13.12.2011WAGA – towards equality in local life

In 2009 Polish association for gender quality WAGA has spearheaded a grassroots movement for the implementation of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life (EC) in Gdańsk...

30.08.2011Irish Greens introduce free pre-school: giving all children the best possible start

The evidence is clear that educational disadvantage can set in at an extremely early age. As Nobel-Prize-winning economists James Heckman... 

30.08.2011Real wages for real work - Brighton & Hove

While most European countries have adopted a statutory minimum wage, in many cases it is at a level insufficient for a standard of living above the pover...

03.08.2011Vienna - The "Day of the Unemployed"

On 30th April, the day before international Labour Day, the Viennese Greens host an alternative event called the "Day of the Unemployed"...

30.06.2011Generationen Wohnen - intergenerational facilities

Between 2007 and 2011 three, senior-friendly housing developments with 149 apartments, a senior living community and intergenerational facilities...

29.06.2011Immigrants at the Police of Vienna

On the initiative of the Greens together with the Social Democrats, the City of Vienna launched a project within the Police in order to attract immigrants...

29.06.2011Coupling of contracts to promote women in business

An innovative milestone towards gender equality and especially the closure of the income gap was the so called “Coupling of contracts to promote women in business”...

28.06.2011OKTO TV

Vienna's first “participative television project” OKTO TV was initiated by the Greens. OKTO is a TV station not only for professionals but also...

24.06.2011Mädchencafé (girls-café) Neubau in Vienna

Vienna's first girls-café "fl@sh" was opened on the 100th International Women's day...