Energy  |  Successes  |  06.03.2012

Vienna citizens invest in solar energy

The energy concern WienEnergie launched, in cooperation with the city of Vienna (at the initiative of the Viennese Greens), a new project to increase the contingent of clean energy produced in the city and include the citizens of the city in the conversion to renewable energy sources.

All Viennese residents could get involved in the citizens solar energy plant by buying a solar energy panel to support the conversion to solar energy in Vienna. The project was a big success – after 26 hours from its launch, all  panels where already sold. In May 2012, the plant will be  ready to connect to the supply network. 

Three additional power plants are in a planning stage at the moment under the same system. The selling of panels for the second plant has just started and it is going to be build during summer 2012. 

Citizens  can buy half a panel for 475€, or a whole panel for 950. WienEnergie will rent the panels from those people with a fixed annual allowance of 3,1%. The longest estimated running time of the power plant is 25 years, after this time the company will re-buy the sold panels. 

One of the power plants consists of 2100 panels with a kilowatt-peak (kWp) of 500 and an efficiency of 500 kW per year. That is enough power to supply 200 households in Vienna with energy. 

These solar power plants are only one part of the energy strategy in Vienna. WienEnergie plans to obtain at least 50% of its energy supply from renewable sources by 2030. This case also shows the support the citizens of the city show for the important issue of renewable energy and a sustainable and clean future. 

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