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Tübingen macht blau

"Tübingen macht blau" is the motto of the urban climate protection campaign, created by Green Mayor Boris Palmer in spring 2008. The motto "Tübingen macht blau" has already become a catchphrase that is used in connection around climate and environmental protection in the city of Tübingen. The municipal utility Tübingen can now point to nearly 7,000 green power customers. Furthermore, an increase of car-sharing and the use of public transport are being observed.

The color blue is associated with these climate change initiatives: the thermal images of restored homes shine blue, solar panels create blue roofs, retailers decorate their windows with "Tübingen macht blau", and thirteen Tübingen Car Dealers participate in the specially developed “Tübingen Air Pass”. Other initiatives include energy-renovated schools, fuels saving measures for urban employees and for the Town Hall were on / turn-off multiple outlet power strips and energy-saving bulbs purchased. Business trips are attended mostly by bike or train as the service car for the mayor was discontinued.

The campaign and their actions provide tips and incentives, as citizens should participate by a personal contribution to a blue sky of Tübingen as well as saving moneys in saving CO2. A selection of campaigns and actions: 2011 the annual Climate Day was held at City Hall, a panel discussion on "More blue photovoltaic roofs for Tübingen" or the initiative "Programmable thermostat valves" took place. In the year 2010 the measure of free expert opinions for heating was created. Another campaign was the search for Tübingen’s oldest heating pump where many households participated.In 2009 the so called energy days took place or the campaign for the provision of energy meters, and many more.

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