Energy  |  Successes  |  17.06.2011

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign projects

The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign was created by the European Commission in 2005 to showcase activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

The website contains examples of projects and promotes events which are all aimed at contributing to the EU’s “20/20/20” energy objectives for energy efficiency and renewable energy.The campaign aims to spread information on best practice, as well as facilitate the spread of information and ideas between experts working the field. The EU Sustainable Energy Week is the key annual event of the campaign which showcases new approaches to the production and consumption of energy.

The website has a list of over 500 examples of sustainable energy projects. The projects must make a significant and demonstrable contribution to the EU 2020 objectives, and be an outstanding example in its area. All of the projects are automatically entered into the annual EU Sustainable Energy Europe Awards. Around 250 projects compete against each other to be amongst the six winning teams, and gain a lot of publicity by participating in the award ceremony which takes place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

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