Energy  |  Successes  |  17.08.2012

Marine energy takes off in Scotland

On Monday 30 July, the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Energy Park (MEP) has officially opened. It is located in the north of Scotland, a place known for its fast tides.

At the same location, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd has been established in 2003, a centre of expertise on marine energy, which will now be included in the marine energy park. It is already the second marine park in the UK. The first one, in the south-west of England, was established earlier this year. 

The large investments in this project show the economic and ecological potential that marine energy has for the future, which already today leads to the creation of Green jobs and boosts the regional profile and economy in and around Orkney. At this moment, the costs of marine energy production are still very high, but is expected to become economically beneficial at a later stage, and it will certainly contribute to the general goal of cutting climate emissions.

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