Energy  |  Successes  |  22.06.2011

North East Paris Sector geothermal district heating

A major new project in Paris is to provide renewable heating for a Paris’ 19th district fuelled by geothermal energy. The project will provide heat around 12,000 apartments and other buildings and is due to come online in 2011.

Paris has enough potential geothermal energy to heat 170,000 houses. It is expected that the project, which will cost EUR 31 million, will drill 1.7km to access water heated naturally to 57 degrees. The hot water is pumped up to ground level, transfers its heat to water used for consumption and central heating systems, before it is pumped back down to the underground reservoir.   It will drastically reduce CO2 emissions, and will power up to 54% of the area’s electricity needs.

Denis Baupin, the Green deputy mayor of Paris in charge of sustainable
development, environment and Climate Plan was key to implementing this project.

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