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Malmö - Bo01/Western Harbour

Bo01 is a new district in the Western Harbour of Malmö with room for 600 dwellings as well as offices, shops and other services. The district is built on an ex-industrial park. 

The buildings were commissioned from many different architectural firms who were given a number of green criteria and guidelines to ensure diversity of design. The architects found different solutions to the meet the requirements of ecological sustainability.  Taller buildings are on the outside, facing the sea and sheltering the inner spaces. Passages to the sea are narrow to keep the wind out.

The buildings incorporate solar panels, solar cells and underground thermal mass storage facilities. One of Sweden´s largest wind parks supplies the area with electricity. The houses are well insulated, and the energy from the ventilation is re-used and heats radiators and tap water. The consumption of both electricity and heating is half as high as that of the average home.Food waste is collected from food grinders in kitchen sinks and is made into biogas for electricity and heat generation. There is also a centralised refuse collection system, whereby refuse is sucked through underground pipes to the outskirts of the area where it is then later picked up by refuse trucks. This means that the trucks do not have to drive into the residential area.

There are numbers green spaces throughout Bo01. Rich and varied greenery in parks, yards, along streets and on roofs has a positive effect on the wellbeing of residents and biodiversity. The district has an open drainage system which collects rainwater on living green roofs, in courtyard ponds and open channels. That allows the water to run off slowly into a saltwater canal or the sea. The ponds and canal look attractive and provide habitats for wildlife.

Bo01 is planned to minimise future transport needs and car dependency, and cycling is highly encouraged. The district is nearly all pedestrianised and has good bus connections to the rest of Malmo.

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