Energy  |  Successes  |  14.07.2011

Hybridkraftwerk Prenzlau - Hybrid power plant Prenzlau

In Brandenburg-Uckermark ENERTRAG has created a unique high-voltage power source for electricity from renewable energy sources in order to be independent of limited regional network capacity. It produces power from biogas and wind energy and feeds it into the European high-voltage grid that distributes renewable electricity thereafter to consumers throughout Germany.

If wind turbines produce more electricity than currently required, an electrolyzer converts the excess into hydrogen. In low wind periods it can be mixed with the power plant produced biogas. Two block plants convert it back into electricity and heat. At full utilization of network capacity with around 390 MW wind and 20 MW of biogas it is possible to supply around 375,000 households with renewable electricity. The hybrid power plant Prenzlau is a groundbreaking project that provides an important step towards a green energy revolution. It demonstrates how stable energy supply apart from the fluctuations of the wind can be implemented.

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