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Green Light Graz

After launching the project Green Light, Graz saves €220,000 per year by introducing more efficient street lighting. With "Green Light Graz 2010" street lighting was partial modernized in the city of Graz.

The results are significant savings in energy costs. The cooperation of the City of Graz together with “Energie Graz” and "Grazer Energieagentur” can be considered as very successful. The results are energy cost savings of €220,000 per year, which means average 24% savings on the affected lights and a CO2 reduction of 500,000 kg per year.

Almost 18,000 street lights were modernized in order to reduce power consumption up to 1.57 million kWh per year – the equivalent of the power consumption of about 500 households. The city’s budget was in the 5-year conversion period already reduced by €520,000 and over the entire period the savings will amount to nearly €3 million.

The project contributes not only substantially to increase energy efficiency and to municipal climate protection, it also improves the lighting quality in the streets of Graz and therefore, it increases safety. Because of its role model, the project was included in the EU’s Green Light Program and won the European Green Light Award.

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