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GCP – Green Computing Portal

Since 2009 the Green Computing Portal (GCP) tries to green German households regarding IT. The increasing amount of electrical appliances such as computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics leads to a higher power consumption and more waste from electrical and electronic equipment.

With focus on the consumer the GCP publishes news, articles, reviews and a comprehensive managed link catalog about everything that has to do with Green IT and Green Computing. Green Computing respectively Green IT is about the resource-efficient use of information technology.

Simply put, Green IT is about power-saving and environmentally-friendly computers, televisions, telephones, printers, etc., as well as protecting and conserving the environment. Beyond manufacturing the equipment Green IT is concerned with daily power consumption to environmentally friendly disposal. But it focuses not only to hardware, software can be "green" too as inefficient programs cause more power consumption than efficient software.

But Green IT should not only used in data centers and offices. The mass of home computers should not be underestimated: Computer, Internet and other electronic devices occupy an ever-increasing importance. 2007 IT devices caused in German households 23% of electricity consumption. In absolute terms this is an amount of 33 billion kWh.

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