Energy  |  Successes  |  06.07.2011

Europe's largest forest-biomass power plant

The largest forest-biomass power plant was built on the initiative of the Viennese Greens. Since October 2006 the power plant is on the grid. Every year up to 200,000 tons of forest-biomass are converted into energy.

For the energy production not only trees must be felled. Breaking wood, branches and green waste are burned as well. 52 million Euros were invested in clean energy to secure jobs. The plant provides around 48,000 Viennese households with electricity and 12,000 households with district heating.

The use of renewable resources for Power Generation has economic and environmental benefits: firstly, the dependence on raw materials is limited; on the other hand, they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect as they produce no additional CO2. Currently, by use of biomass around 1.5 percent of annual electricity demand is covered. Compared to a conventional thermal power plant the biomass plant saves around 144,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

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