Energy  |  Successes  |  07.07.2011

Energy self-sufficient community Feldheim

The energy self-sufficient municipality Feldheim proves that a step towards eco-social economy can be made at the local level as well. The relation between energy production and local citizens is quite close.

The project demonstrates the effects of successful cooperation between a dedicated project developer and the public/residents: 100% renewable energy supply of the village, a solar panel factory is a major employer and energy prices are 10-20 percent lower than the cheapest supplier.

The village’s supply of heat and electricity comes completely from local renewable energy sources. The heaters are connected to a separate heating network, whose heat is produced by a biogas-powered plant (by a corn silage and manure) in the town. On especially cold days, it is supported by a modern wood chip heating plant. Wind turbines and a solar park in front of the site generate the electricity that is distributed via a separate mains power.

The required amount of investment for the construction of separate power and heat supply systems could not be managed by the municipality itself. Therefore, additional funding was provided by the Energiequelle GmbH as well as the European Union.

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