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This Project initiated by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, environment and energy combined an energy-efficient renovation of several school buildings and other energy-efficient measures with the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The "100,000-watt solar initiative for schools in NRW” is a leading project of the State Initiative on future energies. The Initiative from 2003 was an awarded Agenda 21 best practice example. The idea behind "100,000 Watt Solar Initiative" is to install in North Rhine-Westphalia at selected schools 50 watt solar power generations and to save 50 watts of lighting power per pupil at the same time. The result is a total of 100 watts of power savings to conventional power generation. Hence, schools with about 1,000 students may thus implement a 100,000-watt solar initiative.

As the investment per school is between €500,000 – 1,200,000 the investment volume is more than €3 million. Teachers, pupils, parents and grandparents as well as interested citizens of each municipality could be in terms of silent partners participate in the actions. Through annual profits the shareholders get the financial benefits of the implemented measures. The 100,000-watt solar initiative will contribute to the development of the photovoltaic market and the market penetration of efficient lighting systems. In addition, the initiative has the task to inform and give practical experience of these technologies. It can also be seen as a project in order to motivate pupils, teachers and parents for further changes in behavior.

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