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Q&A on 2030 climate targets

EU Heads of state will meet on 20-21 March 2014 to discuss the EU 2030 climate and energy package. The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament - who has always called for 3 binding targets of 40% energy efficiency, 45% renewables and 60% greenhouse gas cuts - finds that the European Commission's proposals are lacking in ambition. A series of studies to explain the Greens’ position has just been launched correlated by a short Q&A which outlines the main points.

The Greens have explained several times the necessity for Europe to go for three binding targets to be able to make the transition to a sustainable green economy that will create green jobs, provide the certainty industry needs for its investments, enable European citizens to save money on their energy bills and ensure Europe’s energy independence and safety. The debate on the 2030 Energy and climate package is a debate about our future – the type of economy we want to support and the environment we want to live in. These decisions will benefit everyone in the long term – from citizens to businesses – but also enable Europe to play a strong decisive role on the international stage.

This is why the Greens have decided to put forward six main questions that should be answered to support their claim for a more ambitious package.

  1. Is this enough to avoid dangerous climate change?
  2. for renewable energy and efficiency, is this ambitious? Will it pave the way for necessary decarbonisation of economy?
  3. Does it reduce our dependency on fossil imports (from Russia for example)?
  4. Why is EU level target for renewables not enough?
  5. What are the immediate benefits of more ambitious climate and energy policy?
  6. Will Europe deindustrialise due to higher climate ambition?

The answers can be found on the Greens/EFA website Stop Climate Change.

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