Energy  |  Publications  |  15.05.2012

EU 2012 Priorities: Energy Policy

This report by the Green European Foundation gives an overview of the energy policy priority areas that will be legislated upon at the European level throughout 2012. This includes mostly the Energy Roadmap 2050, with plans for a European strategy to deal with the challenges of climate change, security and scarcity of energy supplies Europe is facing.

The paper offers both the policy proposals put forward by the European Commission, as well as an evaluation of these policy programs from a Green perspective - whether they are expansive enough and where and how specific policies should be adjusted to more ambitious goals. 

GEF will publish in the upcoming weeks similar reports on transport, and environmental policies, as well as one on the structural reforms of the Union.

This series of reports is researched and drafted by Ed Davitt and Alexander Tietz for the Green European Foundation.

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