Energy  |  Publications  |  21.06.2011

The Energy Report: 100% renewable energy by 2050

A report published by WWF which makes it clear that by 2050 the world’s power, transport, industrial and domestic energy needs could potentially be met entirely from renewable sources.

The report highlights the benefits of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2050 as well as setting out a scenario detailing how this transition would take place. It investigates the most critically important political, economic, environmental, and social choices and challenges.

In addition to huge investment in renewables, the Energy Report also calls for a big global effort to seriously improve the energy efficiency of our economies. To achieve a 100% renewable energy future, we must do more with less energy – under the report’s scenario total global energy demand will actually be at least 15% lower in 2050 than in 2005, thanks to new technologies. And that’s despite the predicted increases in population, industrial output and travel, including electric vehicles.

To provide reliable, affordable and clean energy on the scale required will need a global effort – similar to the response to the world financial crisis. The financial benefits of lower energy costs will be huge, with global savings of around €4 trillion by 2050. And that doesn’t take into account avoided costs associated with climate change, or the additional benefits of renewable energy such as improved health, and increases in green jobs.

Text adapted from WWF website.

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