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Future Energy Policy - Re-thinking 2050

This report by the European Renewable Energy Council outlines a pathway towards a 100% European renewable energy supply system by 2050. The report demonstrates that it is not a matter of technology, but rather a matter of political will and efficient decision making to attain this goal.

Europe’s current energy system is confronted with a number of uncertainties: unpredictable and highly volatile fossil fuel prices, geopolitical risks related to import dependency, the harmful environmental consequences of fossil fuel based energy generation etc. By switching from greenhouse gas intensive sources of energy to renewable sources of energy, Europe can effectively tackle all these challenges.

Today's energy decisions will shape Europe's supply system for at least the next 50 years, thereby determining the future level of greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel dependency and the competitiveness of European economies. In view of the fundamental transformation needed to ensure a sustainable Europe by the middle of the 21st century, a fundamental structural change is needed.

The challenge towards achieving a 100% renewable energy supply system by 2050 is considerable, but there is no alternative scenario for a sustainable European energy future,  the report argues. The report gives an outlook of the renewable energy sources industry, looking into how the different renewable energy technologies can contribute to a fully sustainable energy supply by 2050 provided there is strong political, public and economic support for all renewable energy technologies.

Adapted from the introduction to the report 

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