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Competitiveness as Mainstream Culture? Austerity politics, innovation and the social side of Europe

On the 14th of May, the Heinrich Böll Foundation will be organising an event in Berlin about the economic crisis, what it means for economic and fiscal policy in Europe as well as how these could potentially create space for a social Europe.

The Eurocrisis and the challenges it brings with it require a fundamental debate about the aims and principles of economic and financial policy in Europe. These debates will touch on some of the themes of "Beyond the Crisis" (another series of debates organised by the Boell Foundation): across five evenings we will discuss sustainable budgetary policy, the social side of Europe, challenges facing democratic decision-making processes and the need for reform in the finance sector. 

On the 14th of May we will ask if the "German model" of increasing competitiveness as the primary strategy for combating the crisis could be called a success, and how this changes the economic and social policies in Europe: what do we need to tweak to achieve more competitiveness in Europe? What role will driving innovation, on the one hand, and the deconstruction of social standards and privileges, on the other, play in doing so? Which conflicts will successfully managing the crisis reveal? Does the common economic space provide room for a social Europe?


  • Lisa Paus, MP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen 
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Director, Cologne Institute for Economic Research (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)


  • Simon Wolf, economic and financial policy advisor, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung 


  • German

Registration: not required


  • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Schumannstr. 8, 10117 Berlin