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SEKEM Initiative

SEKEM was established in the late seventies in Egypt. On an area of 70 hectares of desert sand biodynamic cultivation of the land started. Since then SEKEM has expanded and besides the development of biodynamic agricultural methods the objective of human oriented marketing was conducted.

Furthermore, all employees should have continuous access to personal development, education and training. In a nutshell, SEKEM follows a humanistic approach to agricultural business. The Initiative established several specialized companies to ensure productions and marketing of its products.

Its business enterprises strive to accomplish several objectives like curing the environment through the application of biodynamic agriculture methods, providing services and manufacturing a variety of products those meet the consumer’s needs as well as marketing and distributing products in partnership with farmers, producers, vendors and consumers. In this respect the companies nowadays supports the social and cultural enterprises like the institutions of education, research centers, and hospitals.

SEKEM is producing a variety of products in the fields of natural pharmaceuticals, organic food and textiles, information technology and ecological services. The products are made from ingredients from biodynamic farming. This method undertakes to restore and maintain the vitality of the soil and food as well as the biodiversity of nature.

The SEKEM Holding has closely cooperated with international institutions, e.g. the

  • Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH (DEG).
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • since may 2007 the German GLS Gemeinschaftsbank and the Dutch Triodos Bank are shareholders of the SEKEM Holding and support the finance for future investments.
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