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Since 2009 the so called “Prinzessinengarten” (princess garden) is situated at Moritzplatz in Berlin's district Kreuzberg. The area was for more than 60 years wasteland, but now a wide variety of vegetables and herbs are grown right in the city.

In the summer of 2009 people started to get rid of 6000 square feet of garbage and turn it into a lively fruit and vegetable garden. In a district with a high density, just a few green areas and many social problems, children, adolescents and adults, neighbors as well as interested and passionate amateur gardeners produce local food in a social and ecological agriculture in the city.

Vegetables produced in the Prinzessinengarten are either processed directly in the garden cafe, or can be reaped and bought in order to support the garden. The revenues of the Garden Café help to maintain the garden and its many projects. Vegetables and herbs from the garden are processed directly. In addition, attention is paid to the use of regional and organic products.

The vegetables are grown in organic quality. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used, plant containers are organic and soil and seeds have an organic certificate. Because of its ecological aspects and its bee-colonies, the garden provides an important contribution to the local ecosystem and microclimate.

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