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PlantoBio – PBÖ Systems GmbH

This company has specialized in sustainability in the area of agriculture and gardening. Materials from renewable resources are produced to avoid the use of plastics. The aim of the company is to manufacture and distribute bio-degradable therefore non-petroleum products for agricultural use. 

Hence, the philosophy of PlantoBio is to support commercial organic farming. Millions of tons of plastics and synthetic materials end up in the soil without being removed. Fields and vineyards could be found where more than 15% of the upper area is laced with plastic and synthetic materials.

As one third of nearly 800.000 tons of plastic used in European agriculture stays in the soil, PlantoBio tries to minimize the waste by using bio-degradable products.   The range of products contains e.g. bio-degradable strings to substitute synthetic-strings for vineyards, forestry, orchards, plant-nurseries but also for domestic use; bio-degradable pots made of bamboo and other organic fibers (e.g. potato starch) for plant nurseries, market gardens or cemeteries; trellis made of potato-starch and lactic acid for tomato-plants, etc.; bio-degradable micro-perforated mulching film made of paper for agricultural use. 

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