Agriculture  |  Successes  |  29.07.2011


Miniwaste, co-financed by the LIFE+ programme, is a project to promote and develop methodologies for organic waste management. One of the main objectives is to disseminate information on current best practices to European municipalities and other relevant actors.

Bio-waste covers food waste in the kitchen through to the organic waste produced during gardening or farming. Food waste occurs throughout the supply chain. Much of this waste ends up in an incinerator, and preventing the production of this waste at source can result in significant environmental gains. Reductions can be obtained by changing life style habits, changing farming and gardening practices, or by increasing composting. The programme will implement three demonstration projects around Europe at different levels, in France, the Czech Republic and Portugal, focused at preventing bio waste at source by promoting behavioural changes. The aim is to widely inform European authorities of the results of these projects which can be replicated. The website already includes a list of best practices for bio-waste reduction, with ten examples from around the EU.

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