Agriculture  |  Successes  |  29.06.2011

Larderbytes – local food

Larderbytes is in operation for more than six years now and is a marketplace for small to medium sized producers. Their suppliers sell food to local customers through their network. Each marketplace is centered on a geographical region supporting the distribution and sale of local food.

The objectives named by Larderbytes are to deliver food from local sources in an environmental friendly way e.g. by reducing the time of transit; to support local food producers; to provide sustainability as well as employment opportunities; Reducing the harm food supply chains do to the environment by reducing food miles, food and packaging waste as well as GHG emissions.

Additionally Larderbytes provide solutions to ethical issues surrounding the production, distribution and consumption of food, the overarching objective of which is to create a sustainable food network. The regional operations take place in Scotland around Aberdeen, Caithness and Edinburgh and will be expanded to Moray, East Lothian, Mid Lothian, West Lothian, Killin, Ullapool, Skye, Lochaber, Glasgow, Kelso and Fife.

The company has received the support of the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) as the reduction of food and packaging waste is a key element of the network.

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