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Jenuino: organic, local & seasonal food via the Internet

Jenuino is an innovative start-up that bridges the gap between organic food producers and consumers via an online interactive platform. The portal “Jenuino” acts as an intermediary between the farmers of the Maremma (in central Italy) and the final consumers. Jenuino offers weekly local food box subscriptions that allow their customers to support local farmers and producers and discover seasonal, healthy food. This has helped many small producers to better cope with the current economic crisis. 


Jenuino is an innovative start-up which aims to bridge farmers and consumers, cutting distribution costs and promoting local products. It aims to promote a short-chain distribution which could bring benefits for everyone: to the producers who, without intermediaries and marketing expenses, will finally receive an adequate compensation for their work; and to consumers, who will have delivered on their tables the highest-quality local products at affordable prices. 

Jenuino was born as a genuine cultural movement: its manifesto was a hymn to food quality awareness and sustainable consumption. It was also an attempt to react positively to the economic crisis that is threatening many small producers. The users’ investments ensure the farmer a secure pre-paid market at the beginning of the season; through food box subscriptions, users lower the cost of the food they buy and help create a financial stability in the operations of the associated farms.

How does Jenuino work? 

Consumers have to enroll to the online platform and create a personal profile, indicating their dietary options (omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan), the size of their family, any allergies or food intolerances etc. The server will then elaborate a personalised “basket” according to the different preferences. A “trial version” of the basket will be delivered directly at the consumer’s house or office at a promotional rate before deciding whether or not to subscribe to the service. 

The products, including oil, biscuits made with fruit and vegetables,  are all handmade, organic, local and seasonal. 

The project is "eco-friendly" in all its phases; in fact, the delivery of the products is made by vans with hybrid engines.

Jenuino is not only an e-commerce platform; it is also a social network which aims to invite the consumers to participate in “forgotten” rural experiences, like the grape harvest, the transhumance, the olive harvest, the production of cheese, and all those activities that seek to bridge the gap between the rural and the urban world.

Currently, 123 farms are involved in the project and they are all located in the south-west of Tuscany. Jenuino is operating between the provinces of Florence and Arezzo, but it will short open a new branch in Rome.

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