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Green Step

Green Step is a non-profit association which aims to improve the living standard of the rural population in developing countries by using environmental-friendly technologies. The projects in developing countries are fully planned, controlled and arranged by the organization itself. Nonetheless, Green Step cooperates with local organizations which are familiar with local traditions and the local administration.

Improving the living standard means e.g. sufficient electric power supply through renewable energy co-financed by the local population or creating possibilities for local entrepreneurship by supporting knowledge in the field of renewable energy (elementary equipment). Other opportunities are seen in saving expenses by reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers as well as environmental education to avoid waste and reduce environmental pollution. Last but not least, the living standard can also be improved by reducing the health risks.

Measures taken by Green Step are the construction of project-units to raise the awareness of the local population for renewable energy; education in environmental topics (waste management, deforestation, etc.); assistance in the field of sustainable agriculture to avoid over-fertilization and harmful pesticides; vocational training of craftsman and pupils for renewable energies and environmental engineering in the fields of wind energy, hydroelectric power and solar energy with local materials.

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