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BioBazar – green breakthrough via food revolution

Warsaw BioBazar (BioMarket) is far more than a marketplace with organic products. It is an educational, intergenerational meeting place where green-oriented suppliers can share their products and knowledge about sustainable food growing with over 200,000 visitors.

Since November 2010 BioBazar has been held every Saturday at two venues in Warsaw. It has organized 50 events and enabled hundreds of green-oriented suppliers to share their products and knowledge of food growing and cultivation with over 200,000 visitors. The idea behind the BioBazar is to show the interdependency of sustainable consumerism with political, health, cultural and economic aspects.  Apart from offering a host of organic products, it indicates the influence of food choices on our ecosystem, local economies, human and animal rights. It promotes the idea of sustainable agriculture in keeping with fair trade rules. 

During BioBazar farmers have the possibility to sell locally grown fruits and vegetables of various kinds, thus reminding the significance of biodiversity for human health and ecosystem, as well as the taste of forgotten or rarely available cultivars. Here one can find healthy dairy products, varieties of bread, pastries, cheese or cold meats made by traditional methods. 

BioBazar aims at delivering food in a sustainable way to reduce the time of transport, but also support local economies. By providing the platform for hand-made cosmetics, clothes, jewellery, it demonstrates that there is an alternative to mass–scale, commercial production. One can also get acquainted with new, green trends, events, publications and actions. BioBazar unites people of all ages, classes and social groups. Children can play with ecologically-friendly toys, participate in workshops about ecology and healthy food. Parents can find out how to raise their offspring according to green principles. Elderly people can exchange their memories about good, old times and food, thus giving hands-on history lesson to all interested passers-by.  

BioBazar has been also consolidating green-oriented organizations, magazines and initiatives. It cooperates with the European Recycling Platform and it enables the disposal of electronic waste in exchange for eco-gifts, e.g. trees certified by Forest Stewardship Council. BioBazar raises public awareness by promoting Food Film Festival and organizing film shows giving the real story behind corporate food production. There is a possibility to share clothes with homeless people or bring food for stray animals. As the network is dynamically developing, visitors can even donate blood or experience a ride in an electric car. 

BioBazar emphasises the influence of green consumerism based on seasonal, local, traditional, GMO-free food since it reduces food miles, contributes to the mitigation of climate change, creates green jobs, as well as it improves human health and quality of life. Therefore, it has the potential to be the departure point for food revolution and greening of public discourse and awareness.

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