Agriculture  |  Publications  |  19.04.2012

Europe’s fish dependence: A report by the New Economics Foundation

The EU citizens are consuming far more fish than the European seas can provide. Therefore the European fish stocks are in a very poor state of over-fishing to please this demand, and we are also dependent on the import of fish from elsewhere. The evasion to distant water fleets does not solve the problem but rather highlights it , that the EU fisheries are not sustainable. 

In this report the New Economics Foundation (nef) estimates the level of self-sufficiency that the EU as a whole and its Member States have achieved by calculating the “fish dependence day” – the day on which, consuming only European fish for one year, our fish stocks would run empty. This year, that date would be the 6th July, compared to that, last year it would have been the 2nd July and the 9th July in 2010. 

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