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EU 2012 Priorities: Fisheries Policy

This report by the Green European Foundation outlines the main policy proposals the EU institutions will be putting forward in the field of fisheries policy over the coming 12 months.

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has evolved from a system of agreements designed to preserve traditional fishing patterns and diffuse tension between nations into a complex legal and scientific system that aims to protect a finite marine resource. 

The Common Fisheries Programme affects the Member States in significantly different ways. Employment in the fisheries sector and the sector’s importance to each Member State varies greatly according to their proportion of coastal area, geography and historical precedent.

Disputes over fisheries policy have marred the CFP throughout its existence, with particularly fierce competition between the fishing nations, and between the primary fishing nations and those with less economic interest in the area. 

The paper shows the challenges of fisheries policy that lie ahead and the measures the European Union is taking in the field. It also outlines the Green responses and proposals and offers further information on the topic.

GEF will publish in the upcoming weeks similar reports on transport and environmental policies, as well as one on the structural reforms of the Union.

This series of reports is researched and drafted by Ed Davitt and Alexander Tietz for the Green European Foundation.

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