Agriculture  |  Publications  |  15.05.2012

EU 2012 Priorities: Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

This report, the first in a series initiatied by the Green European Foundation, looks into the main legislative priorities at the European level in 2012 in the field of agricultural policy.

The report is a guide to the work and agenda of the Union for the current year and it aims to foster greater understanding of the ways in which the EU operates, and to illuminate its approach to key green policy areas.

The current report outlines the main policy proposals the EU institutions will be putting forward in the field of agricultural policy throughout 2012. It offers a brief overview of the stand points of the European Greens on these specific policies, and points to the national contexts where these policies are likely to stir most discussions. 

GEF will publish in the upcoming weeks similar reports on energy, transport, fisheries and environmental policies, as well as one on the structural reforms of the Union. 

This series of reports is researched and drafted by Ed Davitt and Alexander Tietz.

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Creative Commons, Ewan Bellamy