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CAP Reform 2013 - Green growth or Green deal?

A position paper of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament on the Green demands from the upcoming reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

In 2013 a comprehensive reform of the Common Agricultural Policy will come into force. For the Greens, there are several key elements that this upcoming reform needs to include. Among these, the common agricultural and rural policy should enhance the engagement of citizens for environmental protection, animal welfare and fair trade. The CAP should recognise the right of farmers and rural workers to gain a decent income for producing healthy food and for the environmental stewardship they provide to society.

The Greens are demanding research, education and technologies which help to balance agricultural production with environmental protection and animal welfare. As the CAP takes up a very big amount of the Union's budget, it is essential that this public money is invested in sound management of natural resources, soils, water, biodiversity as part of a new agri-cultural system which builds upon local conditions and skills and preserves stable employment and good work.

The EU's agricultural policy should be coherent with Millennium Development Goals 1 (to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) and 8 (to build a global partnership for development), thus contributing to the global fight against hunger and to securying the right to food. With one billion people still hungry worldwide, the CAP has so far failed in achieving these objectives. This policy paper looks at the reforms that need to be made so that the CAP supports the transition of European agriculture to a sustainable production model centered arounf organic farming and environmental protection.

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