Agriculture  |  Events  |  19.01.2013

We have had enough

On the occasion of the International Green Week to take place in Berlin 18-27 January 2013 ‘Meine Landwirtschaft’ and ‘ARC 2020’ are organising a demonstration 19 January to support the Good Food Good Farming campaign. On January 20th, this event will be followed-up by a planning meeting on the campaign.

Date: Saturday 19.1.2013 & Sunday 20.1.2013, Start 11:00
Berlin Hauptbahnhof, 10117 Berlin

The Good Food Good Farming campaign is an initiative of the Agricultural and Rural Convention (ARC2020) - a civil society platform for organisations and individuals across Europe calling for a real reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Set up in 2010, ARC2020's scope is to give civil society a strong voice in the reform process, and mobilize beyond traditional stakeholder interests.

Representing over 150 organisations from 22 Member States, these interests range from food, human health and animal welfare, to development cooperation, global justice and climate change, as well as those of conventional and organic farmers, and rural development networks.

Coinciding with International Green Week which sees Agricultural Ministers from different EU Member States and EU Commissioner Ciolos come together in the city, and just days before COMAGRI will hold their final vote on the CAP reform, the demonstration on the 19th couldn’t come at a more crucial time.

A number of exciting additional events will take place either side of the demonstration including a mass public cooking action and a discussion on landgrabbing in Europe.