Agriculture  |  Events  |  17.12.2012

Urban agriculture: The future of cities? - The next food revolution

On Monday, the 17th of December, the Green Belgium Foundation, Etopia, the Greenloop, Phillippe Lamberts (MEP, Ecolo) - among other partners - are co-organising an event to discuss on the future of urban agriculture. 

Date: Monday, December 17

Venue: BIP - Brussels Info Place, 2-4 rue Royale, Brussels

Language: French

Food determines the evolution of our societies. This sector is in the crossroad of the today’s main challenges: climate change, resource depletion, economic, social and food crisis, soil pollution, population explosion, etc. In this context, the principal solutions are not easy to implement: produce more with less and feed more people with better quality. These solutions must combine innovation and sustainability.

Urban agriculture, which is currently experiencing a revival around the world, can contribute to the implementation of these solutions. The promotion of short food chains and of new agro-ecological techniques are fundamental features for the transition to a sustainable society. 

The event is co-organised by Brussels Environment, Etopia, Group One, Greenloop, Philippe Lamberts (MEP Ecolo) and Architempo.